We can come together and build a strong academic foundation that will lead our children into a successful future. - Ryan Wilcken, Candidate for Thompson School Board

Why I am Running for School Board…

My mother taught 8th grade science at Bill Reed Junior High, and she instilled in me a curiosity about the world and a love of learning.   I witnessed firsthand the demanding and arduous work done by a teacher in Thompson School District.

All of this is what led me to the decision to run for school board to work as hard as she did to support our students, and as a way to honor my mother’s commitment to public education.

Support Hard-Working Staff

Spend Dollars Wisely and On Priorities

Focus on Student Success

My mom taught me the importance of our public schools and helped me want to become a lifelong learner. I have passed that onto my daughters and as a school board member I will work to support our staff and students on their journeys to lifelong learning.

Public schools can only be successful when the entire community is on the team. There is no greater hope for a great future than our children getting a great public education. This will ensure they will take us into a future that is glowing with possibility.