Elizabeth Kearney is a second-generation Berthoud resident She and her husband  of 34 years, Robert chose to raise their family here. Both their daughters attended public school in Berthoud from kindergarten and graduated from Berthoud High School in 2014 and 2018.

Elizabeth’s learned her love of public education from her mom who taught science at Bill Reed Junior High School.

“Mom taught me that a great public education creates the foundation for a great life,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has practiced law for over 30 years; she received her law degree from the University of Denver, after receiving an undergraduate degree from CSU.   She and her husband also own and operate local car washes which their eldest daughter manages.  Their youngest daughter has recently moved to Ohio to work as a research assistant at a university.  Her experience as a small business owner helped her develop problem-solving skills that will be useful in guiding the district to greater levels of success.

Elizabeth has years of community service experience. She has volunteered in classrooms, been active in PTAs and led school fundraising efforts. She also founded and sits on the Board of Wildfire Community Arts Center, which provides art opportunities for  all ages in the Berthoud area.

“Watching mom work so hard with her students and still find time to give back in the community has inspired me to be engaged and now to run for school board,” said Elizabeth.

Enhancing communication between teachers and families and making student achievement the top priority is key to leading the district to greater levels of academic excellence. With a focus on achievement and wise resource allocation, Elizabeth is confident that the district can provide students with what they need to become proficient in the basics and become future leaders of America. Elizabeth is excited to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the district and to earn the trust and vote of the Thompson School District community.