Why I am Running for School Board

My mother taught 8th grade science at Bill Reed Junior High, and she instilled in me a curiosity about the world and a love of learning.   I witnessed firsthand the demanding and arduous work done by a teacher in Thompson School District.

All of this is what led me to the decision to run for school board to work as hard as she did to support our students, and as a way to honor my mother’s commitment to public education.

As an attorney I research and investigate situations.  I was shocked to learn that with a budget in excess of $250 million dollars that as of 2022 CMAS test scores, only 42% of third graders were proficient in reading and only 32% of eight grade students were proficient in math.

If a local restaurant gave you the wrong food 58% of the time you would demand better service or you would take your business to the restaurant down the street! Our students deserve better and with the right focus and efficient use of funds we will see significant improvements.

There are many things that the district does well such as creating the Thompson Career Center to provide our students access to workforce skills. Thompson also has great partnerships with businesses and non-profits that provide everything from books, backpacks, and access to art opportunities.

My experience in our schools was positive and what stands out is that there was a conscious effort to build a partnership with parents and to welcome them into the classroom. The families of students partnered with the schools, the teachers got much needed help and the students excelled!!!  When parents feel like part of the team, they are eager to provide the needed help, and children see their school as important and valued by the community.

We should focus on understanding what is happening in our highest performing schools and then be willing to prioritize and fund the best practices implementation in under performing schools.

My mom taught me the importance of our public schools and helped me want to become a lifelong learner. I have passed that onto my daughters and as a school board member I will work to support our staff and students on their journeys to lifelong learning.

Public schools can only be successful when the entire community is on the team. There is no greater hope for a great future than our children getting a great public education. This will ensure they will take us into a future that is glowing with possibility.

I am Elizabeth Kearney and I ask for your vote to allow me to support our lifelong learners.